The “Original” Micro-Filler | Micro Doser Auger Filler

Micro-Filler | Micro Doser Auger Filler

The Micro-Filler is an economical, versatile, semi-automatic powder filler solution for low-mid volume powder filling. We have thousands of these auger filling machines in operation in over 90 countries, filling food, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, cosmetics and household products. Ideal for filling powders, granulars, and paste products into all types of containers (available with servo auger drive).

  • Economical
  • Low-Mid volume filling
  • Reliable
  • Upgradable



nano-Filler | Micro Doser Auger Filler

nano-Filler | Micro Doser Auger Filler

The PER-FIL® nano-Filler is designed for the precision dosing of powders, granules and pastes as small as 25 mg per dose. The nano-Filler features a precise, servo driven auger that ensures optimum control of fill accuracies; separate Variable speed agitator drive to control product consistency; and off-the-shelf PLC with touchscreen interface for simple adjustment of all filler parameters.

  • Perfect for Pharma and Biotech
  • 25 mg to 50 g per dose
  • Fill Vials, Pouches and Syringes
  • 316 stainless steel product contact parts