You get what you pay for.

Investing in high quality equipment saves your business money and increases production in the long-run.  Here’s how…

Think Automobile.  Yes, they all have four wheels.  Yes, they are designed to get you from point A to point B.  But, do they all perform the same?  Do they all operate with the same level of reliability?  Consistency?  Day-in and day-out?  Meeting your expectations, for many years?

Have you ever purchased a Pinto and expected it to fly like a Porche?  Have you ever purchased a Yugo, and expected it to last as long as a Mercedes?  When it doesn’t, what happens?  Best case, you spend even more time and money on a replacement.  Worst case, your business suffers.

When you purchase cheap equipment, you save a relatively small amount of money today.  But what do you lose?

You lose production from down-time.  You waste money on replacement parts.  You increase product give-away from inconsistent inaccurate fills.  You lose customers.  In the end, you lose additional capital on a replacement machine.  Is it worth it?

When you purchase high quality equipment, what do you gain?

Increased production.  Less down-time means more product out the door.  More efficient use of labor.  Less product give-away.  More happy customers, means more business.  Higher return on investment.

PER-FIL® Industries sells only what we manufacture in our plant in Riverside, NJ, USA.  We do not sell cheap, inferior equipment.  We do not sell foreign made equipment. Replacement parts are off-the-shelf, non-proprietary, and easy to find.  We provide all part numbers to our customers so they can easily find a replacement.  If a part can’t be found, we either have it in inventory or will help you source it.

PER-FIL® auger fillers are built to last, with an average expected life of 25 years.  We have thousands of customers in over 90 countries, some have been using the same PER-FIL® for over 30 years!  Why?  Quality.

Buy high quality equipment.  Buy a PER-FIL®.  Avoid getting a bad image.