Companies that have the ability to innovate continue to grow.

Over the past 40 years, PER-FIL® Industries has continued to innovate.  Not only do we continue to refine our existing product line, but we continue to create new designs for new applications.

We design, engineer, and manufacture new models that serve areas in some industries that have unique needs, where a solution currently does not exist.  At least not until we make it happen.

Have a difficult application?  Explosive?  Dusty?  Hydroscopic?  Static issues?  25 mg of a life saving drug?  Have speed and accuracy targets that seem unachievable?  Need to fill 1,600 lbs of product in 60 seconds?  Filling a container with an odd shape?  PER-FIL® Industries has invented filling systems over the years to meet the demands of each industry.

In the early 1990’s we invented the Micro-Filler.  Prior to the Micro-Filler, a small scale powder filling solution did not exist.  In the early 2000’s, we developed high-speed container handling systems, which rapidly and consistently move containers in and out of the fill position, while our auger fillers accurately dispense our customers valuable product. In the late 2000’s we refined our Micro Doser line, to cater to Pharma customers who needed ultra-precise filling.  In the 2010’s, we developed high-speed, multi-spindle systems, where the user has full independent control and feedback of each spindle, improving accuracy and speed.  Today, our latest machine, the ACCU-FILL Micro Doser, is the result of many years of R&D.  The ACCU-FILL is a fill-by-weight, multi-spindle filler, with individual load cells for each spindle.  Spindles are adjustable to accommodate numerous combinations of containers with varying center distances.  It also features AO technology – our latest innovation to our agitation system.

As our customer’s needs continue to change, PER-FIL® will continue to innovate and design machines to meet those needs.