Does experience matter?

When considering a company to provide your business with high quality filling equipment, does experience matter?

Do you have a “difficult application”? Explosive? Dusty? Hydroscopic? Static issues? Need to accurately fill 25 mg of a life saving drug? Have a new container with an odd shape? Have speed and accuracy targets that seem unachievable? We have seen it ALL.

PER-FIL® Industries was founded in 1974. Since that time, we have continually worked with our customers to develop unique solutions for their unique products. Our auger fillers are custom designed around the nuances of each Industry – Pharmaceutical, Chemical, Food, Toner, Cosmetic, Bio-tech, Household/Consumer Goods.

If you have a “difficult application” and you’re searching for a solution, save yourself a massive amount of time and energy, and take advantage of our many years of experience. Most likely, we have already designed, engineered, and manufactured a machine to do the job.

Fine powder products like Toner and Developer products, require a dust-free machine to cleanly and accurately fill a wide range of cartridges. We have thousands of machines in the field doing the job.

Pharmaceutical powders are often life-improving, and often times life-saving products, that require ultra-precise micro doses, into a wide range of containers. PER-FIL® has provided filling solutions for the world’s most well known pharmaceutical companies. When you need 25 mg (or less) of a life-saving drug, dispensed into a vial – does experience matter?

When your business is booming, and you require high-speeds to move product out the door, does experience matter? We have designed, engineered, and manufactured machines that can fill 1,600 lbs of product into 20 lb. jugs in 60 seconds. Need to fill 300 containers per minute… accurately?

We have seen it ALL. When you purchase an auger filler from PER-FIL® Industries, you can be assured that 40 years of experience building equipment for your industry, with continuous refinement, has enabled us to provide you the highest quality equipment available on the market today.